“Better Offer? We’ll Match It”: Refinance Edition

I am in the process of refinancing my mortgage. Lower rate. Some cash-out. Pretty standard stuff. In doing so I contacted multiple lenders to receive quotes. Some had phantom 2% rates that disappeared once the fine print came out. Some had great rates. Some had decent rates but were willing to match any better rates. … Continue reading “Better Offer? We’ll Match It”: Refinance Edition


Media Ketosis

Yesterday, I was listening to the podcast, Capital Allocators, with guest Chris Dixon. The conversation turned to media consumption, and Chris spoke of his framework in a way that I never had before thought. Chris follows a keto diet for his nutritional consumption and thinks of media consumption in a similar light.  Twitter is sugar. The news … Continue reading Media Ketosis

Ye for President?

2020, man. In what world are we living? https://twitter.com/kanyewest/status/1279575273365594112 I’m started to think a platform where anyone can yell into the universe without any vetting could be problematic. https://giphy.com/gifs/season-13-the-simpsons-13x13-l2JdU7e38RqzdlakU It’s one thing when an old man is yelling at clouds. It’s another when those words can influence global politics. Let’s take two candidates with possible … Continue reading Ye for President?

Advice to Break into Tech/VC without a Tech Background from a World-Class VC

Recently, I joined Matt Mazzeo's Jam Session community on Geneva. It's a great collection of techies/VCs/writers and other interesting people shooting the shit on all kinds of topics. One of the questions I asked the community was: "Any advice for someone from a non-tech background (Real Estate Finance) in NYC to break into tech/venture?" @mazzeo … Continue reading Advice to Break into Tech/VC without a Tech Background from a World-Class VC