Life is Long – If You Know How to Use It

“It’s not at all that we have too short a time to live, but that we squander a great deal of it.  Life is long enough, and it’s given in sufficient measure to do many things if we spend it well.  But when it’s poured down the drain of luxury and neglect, when it’s employed to no good end, we’re finally driven to see that it has passed by before we even recognized it passing.  And so it is – we don’t receive a short life, we make it so.”

– Seneca, On the Brevity of Life, 1.3-4a

As the year comes to a close, I find myself asking what went wrong and where was time wasted.  When I’m 80 years old, will I wish I spent more time on Twitter or listening to a podcast?  Or will I wish I had spent more time writing and creating my own podcast while building great relationships?  No one knows how long they have to live, but we can be sure we will waste far too much.  So for 2017, make it your mission to find areas where you can cut waste and replace it with things that will greatly improve your life.  Even if this means sitting and thinking for a few brief moments of quiet which is so rare today.  The idea that life is wasted doesn’t mean that every moment needs to be jam-packed with action and that you must constantly be moving forward.  On the contrary, it means to be mindful of the things that are hurting you more than helping and to remove the unnecessary and unimportant.

One goal I have for 2017 is to remove the waste of constantly checking my phone and reading certain sites or looking at Twitter and Instagrams posts over and over.  Instead, I want to replace it with silence.  With quiet and even boredom.  I am hoping this will allow me to focus more in other areas and to calm my distracted mind.  Please let me know what waste you plan to remove in 2017 and with what you plan to replace it.


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