The Harvard Classics: Dr. Eliot and the Five-Foot Bookshelf

"There are 850,000 volumes in the Imperial Library at Paris. If a man were to read industriously from dawn to dark for sixty years, he would die in the first alcove. Would that some charitable soul, after losing a great deal of time among the false books and alighting upon a few true ones, which … Continue reading The Harvard Classics: Dr. Eliot and the Five-Foot Bookshelf


“Better Offer? We’ll Match It”: Refinance Edition

I am in the process of refinancing my mortgage. Lower rate. Some cash-out. Pretty standard stuff. In doing so I contacted multiple lenders to receive quotes. Some had phantom 2% rates that disappeared once the fine print came out. Some had great rates. Some had decent rates but were willing to match any better rates. … Continue reading “Better Offer? We’ll Match It”: Refinance Edition

Media Ketosis

Yesterday, I was listening to the podcast, Capital Allocators, with guest Chris Dixon. The conversation turned to media consumption, and Chris spoke of his framework in a way that I never had before thought. Chris follows a keto diet for his nutritional consumption and thinks of media consumption in a similar light.  Twitter is sugar. The news … Continue reading Media Ketosis

Ye for President?

2020, man. In what world are we living? I’m started to think a platform where anyone can yell into the universe without any vetting could be problematic. It’s one thing when an old man is yelling at clouds. It’s another when those words can influence global politics. Let’s take two candidates with possible … Continue reading Ye for President?