Media Ketosis

Yesterday, I was listening to the podcast, Capital Allocators, with guest Chris Dixon. The conversation turned to media consumption, and Chris spoke of his framework in a way that I never had before thought. Chris follows a keto diet for his nutritional consumption and thinks of media consumption in a similar light.  Twitter is sugar. The news … Continue reading Media Ketosis

2021 Themes

With 2021 now upon us, I have thought deeply for the last month on what resolutions I wanted to pursue. What would make the year a success? In the end, two resolutions came to front of mind. Be healthier.Less screen time. Yep. Probably the two most common resolutions on Earth. Nothing surprising. However, I thought … Continue reading 2021 Themes

Ye for President?

2020, man. In what world are we living? I’m started to think a platform where anyone can yell into the universe without any vetting could be problematic. It’s one thing when an old man is yelling at clouds. It’s another when those words can influence global politics. Let’s take two candidates with possible … Continue reading Ye for President?

Advice to Break into Tech/VC without a Tech Background from a World-Class VC

Recently, I joined Matt Mazzeo's Jam Session community on Geneva. It's a great collection of techies/VCs/writers and other interesting people shooting the shit on all kinds of topics. One of the questions I asked the community was: "Any advice for someone from a non-tech background (Real Estate Finance) in NYC to break into tech/venture?" @mazzeo … Continue reading Advice to Break into Tech/VC without a Tech Background from a World-Class VC