Why Don’t We Pay Kids?

Education is always a hot topic in the US.  The US spends an absurd amount of money, that only increases each year, without the desired results for which so many yearn.  As a less than stellar high school student, wouldn’t it be great to have an added incentive?  Are there ways to add incentives outside the classroom and throughout so many other areas?

If you want children to take more computer science classes or think that learning a language has value to society, then it would make sense for society to pay for training.  Yes, your tax dollars already go towards public schools.  And isn’t that why teachers are on the payroll?  This is true, but why not go right to the source and make an immediate impact on the student’s wallet.  You can also reduce the taxes of or pay the parents of kids who get good grades, participate in sports, clubs, and other extracurriculars.

Why not give it a try?  Ideally, the students can use the money to pay for college or start businesses (it doesn’t have to be straight up cash homie, it could be credits that the students can use for certain things (society benefitting such as education or put in trust for when they graduate college and want to throw it down at the club and buy Ace of Spades since they have been little angels so many years)). (Yep parenthesis within a parenthesis followed by parenthesis).

It’s a crazy thought, but one that I could see working.  I wish more crazy ideas would be tried and tested.


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