Big playlist guy here.  Love them.  Give me an hour and we will be rocking.

But are there rules when putting together a playlist.  Do you need a mix of high and low songs?  Does the entire playlist need to match a singular theme?

I want a mix.  A mix of all the best songs ever.  They can be old school rock or new school EDM.  If the song pops, then it goes on the playlist.  Some people don’t like this I have learned.  They need it all to match a theme.  I can understand this if you are having a gala and need some Beethoven in the background the whole time.  However, if it’s a house party, I want hit after hit from every genre and decade.

What do you think the rules are?  Or are there no rules

And rock out below:


3 thoughts on “Playlists

  1. solid mix you posted here, but definitely comes from all angles. my playlists are usually themed, I probably have 5 or 6 that I go through. I’m not always able to go from Steely Dan to Metallica to David Bowie, so the specific genres helps

  2. Right now I have just saved all my favorite songs in one playlist and I listen and skip as I see fit. It works for me, but at the same time, I will search for other specific playlists on Spotify (i.e. chill, workout, running, yacht rock, etc) depending on my mood.

  3. There are no rules!!! I do make playlists based on what I’m using them for though. A workout playlist is much different than a playlist for a dinner party. Think of your playlists as the stations you’d like to listen to. I wouldn’t listen to z100 with my inlaws in the car, but smooth jazz would do the trick!

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