A Week in Long Beach Island

What a great time at the beach two weeks ago in LBI.  The weather was perfect and we left the beach with a perfect tan and feeling fully rejuvenated.  LBI is Kelly’s happy place and it has grown on me these last 3 summers each August.

One thing LBI is known for is a slew of restaurants serving up some fine chowda.  A dozen or so restaurants showcase their best red and white each year at Chowderfest for bragging rights on who can call themselves the grand champion.  Last two summers, I didn’t sip a drop of the delicious delight.  Shockingly, I didn’t think the best way to fully enjoy the sand and 90-degree heat was by devouring a boiling bowl of heavy cream.  Howeva (in Stephen A. Smith’s voice), this year I wanted to put on my best Anton Ego hat and see what all the fuss was about.  I stayed away from eating any Manhattan (red) and stuck with New England (white) chowder and lobster bisque.

We woke up the first day and Kelly couldn’t wait to jump out of bed and take on the day.  Look at the excitement!



Anyway, let’s start with a quick slice.



The impetus for the reviews starting with a harmless pizza taste testing.  This quickly evolved to take the ultimately food in LBI: Chowda.



This quickly ballooned to find the best of the best.  Next Stop Blue Water Cafe.



Not to be left out, Kelly wanted to jump in the mix.



Obviously, after all the excitement from the reviews, Kelly couldn’t wait to take on the town for more.  Right, Kel?



We wanted to give Country Kettle another shot, but this time with the bisque.



For the last stop in LBI, we had to give Seashell Club a shot for the soup and the added ambiance.



And Kelly, your thoughts?



Even when the week was over, I had reviews coursing through my veins.  I need to give some a rating.  Why not rate the best of Hoboken?





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