How You Move Determines How You Live

The most widely read blog I have posted to date is “Running Prep,” which certainly came as a surprise.  The post is a fifteen-minute video by the “King of Movement” Kelly Starret on how to properly warm-up before going for your daily run.  My sister and I run twice a week together, and I know she feels infinitely better on days when she performs the running prep movements and the warm-up primes her not just physically, but mentally for the day’s run.

Well, you may not be a running, or you may want a routine before or after workouts that will assist with full-body tissue preparation, muscle activation, dynamic preparation, as well as body downregulation.  Luckily, Peter Attia provided several routines that provide just that.

Peter Attia is a world-renowned physician with expertise in movement, nutrition, and longevity.  He is at the forefront of longevity, which is his clinical interest, and believes that longevity is a function of lifespan and healthspan.  By focusing on movement, you can greatly increase your healthspan by connecting with your body to maintain muscle mass, functional movement and strength, flexibility, and freedom of pain.

In the two links below, Peter Attia and Jesse Schwartzman provide an excellent framework for movement that can be used before physical exertion or on alternating days before bed for downregulation and flexibility.  The first link provides Peter’s viewpoint on longevity and the importance of movement as well as movement videos for your lower body.  The second link provides a sample of Peter’s insane endurance events, his search to heal after injury as well as movement videos for your upper body.  I hope you enjoy them both and get as much out of them as I have.

How You Move Defines How You Live

How You Move Defines How You Live, Part 2




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