18 in 2018

My sister mentioned listening to the podcast, “Happier” by the writer Gretchen Rubin.  In it, Gretchen mentioned putting together a list of 18 things to complete in the year 2018.  They can be considered goals or resolutions and can be simple or difficult.  I wanted to post mine publicly here and hope to come back a year from now and see them all checked off.  Please write your own in the comments.

  1. Get married.
  2. Complete my MBA.
  3. Pass the CFA Level 2 Exam.
  4. Finish DataCamp’s Python Data Science Course.
  5. Vacation outside the country.
  6. Get a Hoboken parking permit.
  7. Renew my passport.
  8. Blog every week.
  9. No gluten/No Dairy.
  10. Attend a Toastmasters meeting.
  11. Start a business.
  12. Gain 10 lbs (Healthy, Muscle)
  13. Volunteer. (I’m leaving this vague for now.)
  14. Go to a local political event.
  15. Win a casino poker tournament.
  16. Take a pilates class.
  17. Get CPR certified.
  18. Begin a fighting discipline. (BJJ or Boxing)

Bonus 2:

  1. Read 50 books.
  2. No social media. (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Barstool, etc.)

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