18 in 2018 – February Update

One month down in the New Year.  Let’s look at the progress so far.

  •  Get married. 

Date booked for 12/8/18.  Can’t do much else to get married before that.

  •  Complete my MBA. 

On track to graduate in May.  Don’t screw it up now.

  •  Pass the CFA Level 2 Exam.

Couldn’t be further from passing at this point.  Need to start studying hard this month.

  •  Finish DataCamp’s Python Data Science Course.

Haven’t completed any modules this month.  I am taking a Web Analytics course in Python this semester and will start the modules for additional practice as they sync with my coursework.

  •  Vacation outside the country.

Montreal in April.  Honeymoon (TBD) in December.

  •  Get a Hoboken parking permit.

Need to register my car with a Hoboken address.  Not sure what this will do to insurance so haven’t gotten very far.

  •  Renew my passport.

Sending in paperwork this weekend.

  •  Blog every week.

Not consistent enough.  I don’t want to force blogs, but I have blog ideas and for some reason don’t put it down on (electronic) paper.

  •  No gluten/No Dairy.

Started off strong for the first few weeks.  I was also going essentially no (complex) carb and realized I needed to add some back.  With the exceptions of a few mishaps (one pint of ice cream one night and five granola bars another) I have stayed away from gluten and dairy (except those 3 slices from Tony Baloney’s).

  •  Attend a Toastmasters meeting.

Going to my first meeting in Hoboken on Monday

  •  Start a business.

No plan here.

  •  Gain 10 lbs (Healthy, Muscle) – 166lbs

Up to 160 lbs.  I have been eating well and not much more than previously, but I have been doing lifting heavy the last 4 weeks and can feel the difference in strength and musculature.

  •  Volunteer. (I’m leaving this vague for now.)

Nothing planned at this time.

  • Go to a local political event.

I looked up political groups in Hoboken and what an insufferable bunch.  Both the Republican and Democratic groups are shills for their own party and only post the most absurd national propaganda.  I am trying to find more information on a local event upcoming, but I haven’t been able to do so.

  • Win a casino poker tournament.

My grandfather and I were making weekly pilgrimages to the Sands casino in PA, but I haven’t gotten to a final table.  The last tournament I played in I had the chip lead at one point by a large margin, but gave it away on a few poorly played hands and never recovered.

  • Take a pilates class.

ClassPass has a 50% off promo for 3 months that I just signed up for and I plan to attend a reformer class this week.

  • Get CPR certified.

No plan here.

  • Begin a fighting discipline. (BJJ or Boxing)


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