Podcasts on Cryptocurrencies

One of my favorite ways to learn is by listening to podcasts while working out or walking about town.  While I have tried many podcasts on cryptocurrencies, there wasn’t any that had good audio quality, weren’t incredibly boring, and also were looking at the world of cryptocurrencies with a clear lens rather than total shills.  Finally, I can confidently say there are two that are head and shoulders above the others; Invest like the Best by Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Block Zero by Kevin Rose.

Invest like the Best isn’t solely focused on crypto and takes a look at the global investment landscape and a variety of assets and strategies.  However, Patrick recently posted a series of podcasts (audio documentaries if you will) called Hash Power.  He speaks to some of the top experts in the crypto space and also interviews some of the top investors in the space to discuss. both bullish and bearish investment views.

Block Zero looks at a different coin each podcast and interviews the lead designer, creator, and/or expert on the given cryptocurrency to get an inside look at the protocol and future development plans.  To date, he has interviewed an expert on Bitcoin and the creators of ZenCash, TurtleCoin, and Stellar.  Kevin is highly involved in the crypto world himself and his insight leads to fascinating questions on the future of the technology.


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