Talk with Two Davids and Patriotic Philanthropy

Last night, I attended a talk at the 92nd St Y with David Petraeus, former four-star general, director of the CIA, and now member of KKR, and David Rubenstein, the founder of Carlyle Group and now philanthropist.  The title of the talk was “Leadership Lessons from Times of Crisis”, where Petraeus interview Rubenstein for an hour about his upbringing, changing careers from law to politics to private equity, and the future of American History.

The future of American History sounds like an oxymoron, but I found the most interesting part of the talk to be Mr. Rubenstein’s current initiative called “Patriotic Philanthropy.”  As someone who has been blessed with a great fortune, he is making his remaining life’s work to acquire, protect, and preserve American artifacts such as the the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Gettysburg Address, as well as restoring the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.  It’s fascinating that individuals have the ability, and in many cases are the last chance, for American history to be properly bestowed to the future generations of the country.

David Rubenstein has an incredible show on Bloomberg where he interviews interesting people and in this case, I had the privilege of watching him be interviewed by another stud, General Petraeus.


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