Do This Every Day, No Back Pain Ever

That is the tagline at the end of my favorite new posture and pain relief video.  So far, it holds up.

For years now, my neck, back, and shoulders have been in shambles.  This is certainly due to leading with my head in hockey and spending the last several years glued to a desk for work and school.  I have tried dozens of methods to try to get some relief: chiropractic, ART, prayer, among others and nothing worked.

Howeva (Stephen A. Smith voice), I finally found a routine that has opened up the tightness in my chest and provides relief to my lower back and shoulders.  I learned about it some time ago from Ben Greenfield and it is called Foundation Training from Dr. Goodman.  While I own the book, it is best to follow along via video so you can ensure proper form.  Below is the best video I have found as Dr. Goodman walks you through 12 minutes of stretches, openers, and holds.  Give it a try for a week and see how it feels.  Go easy at first.

Disclaimer here that I’m not a doctor so don’t do anything stupid and hurt yourself.


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