24/7: Golf Edition

Back in the day, when boxing was relevant with Mayweather, Pacquiao, De La Hoya, Mosley, Cotto, among others vying for the welterweight title and the hint of a Mayweather-Pacquiao match (happened 8 years too late), 24/7 was must-watch TV.  There is no other sport that has better montages and story lines that the fight game.

24/7 added the NHL for the Winter Classic for a few seasons which highlighted the most likeable and relatable pro athletes, hockey players.  The NHL getting the 24/7 treatment was amazing and the montgages about held-up to the Rocky-esque ones.

Now, 24/7 is moving to golf and the highly anticipated match-up between Tiger and Phil. The golf montages and sequences won’t hold the candle to boxing and hockey, but the storylines should be fascinating.  I can’t wait to see behind the scenes of Phil and Tiger in their “normal” lives.  It is unlikely that Tiger or Phil will show much of anything into their personal lives, but any ounce of their time at the clubhouse, wielding their clubs, will be must-see TV.  The first episode drops tonight and it will be appointment television.


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