Finding the Time To Write … Among Other Things

Writing is something I enjoy doing, but find myself in a tug of war between simply doing it and well, not. Not writing generally wins as you can tell from my limited posts and, when written, those posts contain limited actual writing.

Why is it so hard to find the time? To find the time to do things that truly bring one pleasure. It should be so easy and straight-forward. In life, there are things you enjoy and things you don’t. Do the former and remove the latter. Simple. But not easy as I’m coming to find.

I’ve tried building a minute by minute schedule of the day. In the evenings, for example, from 9:01 to 9:03, you will brush your teeth and then from 9:05 to 9:27 you will write, and then from 9:29 to 9:30 you will make love to your wife before falling right to sleep. But this rigor of schedule leads to overfitting and the quick realization that sometimes things take longer than expected. Sometimes I don’t get to bed until 9:31.

In any case, why is procrastination so easy and deep work, even when enjoyable, so difficult? I would like to ponder this idea much more deeply, but first need to watch “The Office” for the 97th time. To be continued …


3 thoughts on “Finding the Time To Write … Among Other Things

  1. Well one thing that came to
    Mind when I read your post – is to remember that we are not robots – and because humans are not machines we don’t always fit into the schedules we make. We need routine tho – and momentum
    And so it sounds partly like you have a momentum issue- and deep habits that include viewing your favorite shows –
    But don’t forget that many authors would not have produced as much as they did if they did not have deadlines and pressure to pay the bills.
    Seriously –
    And a lot of writers will
    Admit that keeping a commimtment is the only way they reach writing goals.
    And so if you really want to write more- make a goal
    For your self that is something you have to keep and see if that brings some

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