The Protests Aren’t a Black Issue. It’s Bigger Than That.

The protests of the past week have been incredibly powerful to witness. The issue of police brutality must be understood and treated as a major problem. Like most issues, it has become extremely divisive. Like most issues, politics play a major role.

It happened even more quickly than I thought where screams of “Black Lives Matter” were met with “All Lives Matter”. Where the screams of police brutality towards the black community were met with “well, actually more white people are killed by the police than black people.”

The point these people are trying to make is blowing up with their own arguments. If you feel so strongly about the topics on police brutality toward whites and truly that “All Lives Matter” than you should be protesting even harder.

The police know that their every moves are being videotaped and the actions they continue to commit are disgusting. Imagine what happens when no one is watching.

They either believe that they are in the right. Or that they will get away with it. Or they are so terribly trained or undisciplined and thus not suited for the responsibility of the job. You pick.

Originally, the police department said the man tripped and fell. Since the video has gone viral, the officers who pushed the man have been suspended without pay. What happens when there isn’t a video?

This isn’t an issue only for the black community. This is an issue for all Americans and one that needs to be understood and treated for the enormous problem that it is.


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