Break from Civilizaton

For the next three weeks, I am taking a break from civilization. Ok, not exactly, but I’m taking a break from the worst that the internet has to offer: email and social media.

For the next three weeks, I’m using my remaining paternity leave. And disconnecting.

No emails on my phone. Three weeks without dings? I can feel my blood pressure going down already.

No Twitter. I love it, but it’s slowly killing me. I know who I’m voting for. Why drive myself crazy hour by hour?

No Instagram. Honestly, who cares?

When my daughter was born, I took two weeks off. It was magical in so many ways. But I didn’t disconnect. I kept emails on my phone to stay involved with work. I found myself scrolling Twitter and IG too often. Not this time.

Three weeks to deregulate and step away. Step away from the imaginary and live more intently in the real world.


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