Masks, Masks, Everywhere

*While the title states masks everywhere, I’m talking about in the future once we’ve pushed through the current state of pandemic.*

** I started writing this a month ago and have changed my position slightly. Not regarding masks, but about my commute. There’s is a near zero chance that I will be traveling in a tube of (potential) germs and illness. I am lucky to work for a company that allows and promotes remote work. If you are forced to commute via public transportation, I don’t know how you do so unless cover yourself in a  plastic bubble.**

*** It seems that many Americans are already acting like the virus is over and we’ve made it through the pandemic. Are they unaware that 2,000+ people a day are dying? Do they know, but think they can’t be hurt? Or have they accepted this as the new normal and are willing to take the risk? ***

In reading about the effectiveness in wearing masks to prevent getting and spreading the coronavirus, it made me start thinking whether the social stigma of wearing masks will end. Even putting aside the current pandemic, it makes sense to wear a mask to prevent getting and spreading any virus or illness that may be in the air. As someone who commutes daily on the bus, passes through the cesspool that is Port Authority, and walks shoulder to shoulder with mutant after mutant in Times Square, the idea of wearing a mask makes perfect sense to add a layer of protection.

The CDC and WHO have originally stated that masks are ineffective in stopping the wearer from getting the disease. In the same guidelines, it suggests that you should wear the mask if you have the virus or are around individuals with the virus.

wait what

How do I know if the people around me are sick? They could be dummies who are sick and willing to endanger others. They could be asymptomatic and able to spread a virus without feeling sick.

The second point can be said for myself. If I could be asymptomatic, shouldn’t I wear a mask in crowds and public spaces to be safe?

Maybe I’m worrying too much, but I plan to wear a mask well after our current state.



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