Too Hot to Handle and the Audition Reviewers

Last night, my wife and I binged one of the latest Netflix shows, Too Hot to Handle. For those of you who are unaware of the show, oh boy!


Yes, it was about as dumb and mindless as you could get, but that’s what we needed for a few hours. Zonk out in front of the tube and let out minds do nothing. While I became enamored by the show and the utter ridiculousness of each character, I couldn’t help but think how perfectly casted it was.

Each person was dumber and more batshit crazy than the last. How can you fall in love with someone after a day? How can two guys talk about how they are the best mates after a couple days? The levels of  psychological issues that these people have are immense.

One of my bucket list items now is to join a producer as a fly on the wall in the audition process for a reality show. How do they seem to always carve out these people? What do they look for and, even crazier, who are the people that don’t get picked? Do you more normal ones not get picked or is the rest of the lot even more out of their minds?

I would imagine it’s the case study of a psychologist’s dream.


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