The Internet is Now Primary

While the last 20+ years has seen a meteoric rise in the use and applications of the internet, the current pandemic has finally moved the internet into the primary role in society. For the foreseeable future and most likely permanently, the world will be digital first and physical second.

The world has proven that digital can thrive in the current economy and the tools are available to transition from the physical.

Why would anyone go inside a Target when they now have a service that allows you to pay ahead of time, drive up, and have someone bring your items to your car?

Why would you commute for multiple hours a day when you can work remotely while saving your company millions in real estate costs?

Why go to the gym when Peloton and (soon to be Soulcycle) have unlimited classes brought inside your home?

Why go to a concert when the best artists in the world can pipe in a live show for you via Zoom or Fortnite?



This isn’t to say that physical is dead. It’s just no longer the primary.

Yes, people will still go to stores. However, it will be for entertainment and browsing rather than the essentials.

Yes, people will still go to the office. However, it will be mostly essential work, training, and occasional team building rather than a place to sit in front of their laptop.

Yes, people will still go out and date. However, Tinder and other dating sites will be the first introduction.

The internet has existed and risen for years. However, the internet has now officially taken over the physical.

To what extent, we shall see.


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