Books Chatter

If I spent half the time reading the ones on my Kindle rather than searching for new books, I’d be a human encyclopedia. The truth is as much as I enjoy reading, I love the rush of finding new books.

Recently, I began following Balaji Srinivasan on Twitter and fell in love with his work on COVID-19. This led me to see if he had previously tweeted any good book recommendations on the topic or other topics in general. While the twitter search yielded minimal results, I came across the website, BooksChatter.

Basically, it curates the tweets of various individuals on Twitter where they suggest a book. For example, let’s continue with Balaji and see what books he’s tweeted about in the past.


When you go to the recos, you will get a list of tweets where a book was mentioned. Here is his most recent one:



Another great resource to find books that will hopefully be read and not just sit on the Kindle or the nightstand. Give it a shot




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