The Kentucky Derby and Staying in your Lane

This past Saturday, the best two minutes in all of sports occurred as it does every year on the first Saturday in May.  The twenty best 3-year olds (19 this year due to scratches) compete at Churchill Downs for the honor of getting enormous stud fees for the rest of their lives if they are a Kentucky Derby winner.  This year the favorite was Maximum Security, who at 4-1, went off as the favorite and had shown to be well-versed in running in mud.

Maximum Security got out to an early lead and went wire to wire for an easy win without any controversy. Right?

Well …


While some people didn’t like the call, it was the correct one since Maximum Security was all over the track and knock into a handful of horses. You don’t do that!

This is the one thing the jockey must do. I would say the race is 95% determine by the quality of the horse and the 5% comes down to the jockey keeping the horse running straight and managing the horse’s place in the pack and final sprint.

The video below does a great job of breaking down the race and the reason for the disqualification.

In the first time in Kentucky Derby history, a winning horse was disqualified in an objection/inquiry. Some people were shocked at the decision and couldn’t believe that the best horse didn’t win the race. Even people with the biggest brains weren’t able to comprehend that the best horse (or team or candidate) doesn’t always win.

[Imagine turning the Kentucky Derby into a political discussion. I won’t.]


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